The VMARK 2022 Design Award Gala Ceremony has officially closed the Vietnam Design Week VMARK 2022  in a luxurious, magnificent party space and successfully honored and connected Designers, Business Owners, Owners and Designers. President of Design Associations, Professors, ... leading in the field of Furniture and Lifestyle

With the mission of contributing to the creation of living space as well as bringing a new breath to the wall covering materials in Vietnam, European wallpaper QUA & MAR has come to VDAS 2022 this year. It is a great honor to be one of the guests at this event, Qua mar's booth has never ceased to attract the eyes and admiration from not only domestic and foreign architects but also outsiders by its products. wallpaper products are unique and diverse from materials to styles of more than 70 brands from all over Europe, most especially in addition to promoting products Qua Mar has succeeded in connecting with customers. the region's leading designers, large business owners and presidents of famous design associations of leading countries in the region.

Congratulations on the event went well  let's look back with QUA& MAR on precious moments with members, partners and honored guests in the space  at the event.



"Chủ tịch Lãnh Sự Quán Ý" đang chia sẻ


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