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Throughout nearly 20 years of establishment, Excellence Mar has become one of the honorary brands in Vietnam specializing in providing the interior decoration materials in domestic and foreign countries with sustainable development. Our main distinguished products are: Europe's luxurious wallpaper and fabrics with high-end standard quality and exquisitely harmonious motifs, which are meticulously designed in diversely elegant styles. All products are imported 100% from Italy, France, UK, and USA.... and many other countries in the world.



Develop - Sustainable - Outstanding

Qua&Mar builds reputation in Vietnam and abroad, as a top prestigious company specializing in European wallpaper and textiles. The company will expand to attract more partners to have more large-scale construction projects with impressive European-Asian styles.


Professional - Dedicated - Considering

Customers coming to Qua&Mar are completely sure to have the commitment and support from all the staffs of company: being ethusiastic in give advices,  accurate product delivery and  proper construction techniques and the most exclusive European  products.

What People Says

Qua&Mar gives us selective colors and high-quality materials. The designs have various modern and traditional styles. We have used its product and satisfied with it. We will introduce to our friends when they need to decorate their house with modern and fancy style.

( Mrs.Hien - Ho Chi Minh City)

Diversified colors and textures

Qua&Mar creates the ideal space for my home with its very own and luxurious producs. I find there are many impressive and elegant designs that are suitable for many spaces such as living rooms, offices and even bedrooms. They are attractive and suitable for many homeowners's preference. I am quite satisfied with its products and quality.

( Mr. Duc - Ha Noi )

Relaxed and vivid space

Qua&Mar gives me a feeling of being well served from consulting and constructing. All staffs are enthusiastic and open-minded. I feel secure and satisfied when buying Qua&Mar products.

( MR. Mike - Binh Duong)

Dedicated and professional customer service

I think the life-time wallpapers would not be long, easily torn, moldy or flammable. But an acquaintance introduced me to Qua&Mar's high-end products, wallpaper not only resist moisture well, durable for more than 10 years but also beautiful so I buy it to decorate my house. I think people should try buying a wallpaper once to decorate the house. It's beautiful and impressive.

(Ms. Mai - District 3 HCMC)


Durable material

In the past, I didn't think the wallpaper could be so charming and diversed . When I came to Qua&mar, staff helped me to choose the unique and elegant designs. It's great that I have known Qua&Mar so I could know a style for decorating my house.

(Ms. Thuy - Dist 10, HCMC)

Good customer service

It's  lucky that an acquaintance of ours introduced Qua&mar. We found many designs that are very pleasing to our cozy house. I will also introduce to my friends when they need to buy wallpaper to decorate a house. I think it's worth buying wallpaper to make a house more fabulous.

(Mrs. Ha and Mr. Tam, District 7, HCMC)



Development milestones

cDevelopment milestones



Established in April 2002 by experienced and dedicated professionals in the field of interior decoration, Excellence Mar gradually asserts its strong position, builds trust and becomes a partner with many big customers.



Receiving the trust of customers, the company has established a business network spread across the country. Currently, venture capital gradually increases along with experienced sale staffs, the company's revenue is increasing, contributing to the  growth of the company.



In 2021, we chooses "Giving is Receiving" is the guiding principle of action, performing services with a dedicated heart, bring the highest satisfaction to customers with the best products and services over time. Therefore, the company can have more close relationship with customers such as giant companies, architects and retailer customers... 



Remarkable milestone in 2019 is the partnership with European suppliers, expanding its product business segments in interior decoration, and stepping up an investment in the marketing and the human resources. The revenue at the end of 2019 reachs the highest level in nearly a decade and the number of visitors to FB, Google ads, zalo, instagram also skyrocket. That is a big motivation for the company to develop.



Seeking for new potential customers, Excellence Mar has promoted its image at the large exhibition such as VIETBUILD in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. The company focuses on the image and reputation in the interior industry in terms of the quality, the design and the customer service. Following the success in 2019 and 2020, the company will broaden in Marketing and invest in human capital to exploit more customers from projects of building restaurants, hotels, villas and from every retail customers in Vietnam.

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